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We are aware of issues with the NHS app following our migration. We apologise for this: we were assured that people registered prior to our switch would migrate over and that their access would not be affected but this is clearly not the case.

If you originally registered for the NHS App using the face recognition facility then your log in should still work.

If you are able to access your COVID PASS but the link to the surgery is not working, we suggest you delete your log in details (Not the App) and re-enter them. This can be done by following these steps:

From the home screen click on More (top right of the screen)

Then Account and settings

Then Manage NHS login account – Your log in Details

At the bottom of the last screen in ‘Delete NHS login’

Some people have been able to do this and then re-enter their previous log in details and it has re-linked them to the surgery.

If this fails, please contact the surgery and we can issue you with a linkage key if the app suggest this is what you require.

If you have any other issues with the NHS App you should contact them directly :

You are able to order your repeat medication via the NHS app either through the app or via a web browser if you prefer.

Appointment booking is not yet available.

Please follow the links from our home page 🙂

Date published: 14th February, 2022
Date last updated: 4th March, 2022