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Crisis information

Local Assistance Fund

The fund supports vulnerable adults to move into or remain in the community, and to help families under great pressure to stay together.
Awards are made in-kind, for example, by supplying household goods and basic necessities.

The fund provides practical support for vulnerable people who are moving into or seeking to remain within the community; for example, you may have recently experienced a crisis and need a few basic essential items to help you cope. You may apply for up to two awards of emergency food and / or utility top-up in any 12-month period. For other items provided under the fund, a maximum entitlement of two items may also be award-ed within the same 12-month period, only one of which may be a white good item.

To be eligible for support, you must also be able to demonstrate that you:

  • are 16 years or over;
  • live in North Yorkshire;
  • receive a means-tested benefit or have a household income below the low income threshold (currently £16,105) and less than £1,000 in capital; or
    have a need that cannot be met from other forms of support.

To Apply – contact North Yorkshire Local Assistance Fund 01904 550030
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Warm & Well – North Yorkshire

This scheme is managed by Citizens Advice. Referrals can be made into the project if someone is living in or at risk of a cold home or fuel poverty, struggling to afford their energy bills, or worried about winter. These can be made by professionals and by individuals themselves
For further information about the project call the helpline on 01609 767555
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For information on where to find help with gambling please click here