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Your COVID recovery

Long Covid and Post Covid

Long COVID is commonly used to describe signs and symptoms that continue or develop after acute COVID-19. It includes both ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 (from 4 to 12 weeks) and post-COVID-19 syndrome (12 weeks or more). Symptoms often fluctuate in intensity. The following is not an exhaustive list but well-recognised symptoms of long COVID syndrome which persist after the initial 2 weeks of COVID infection can include:

• Extreme tiredness, lethargy/fatigue, pain

• Constantly feeling of inability to catch the breath (air hunger). Breathlessness on moving to perform routine daily activities, chronic cough – as many patients would tend to suffer from bronchial hyperactivity/or postnasal drip post COVID; as with any other respiratory viral infection

• Cognitive issues – often manifesting as Brain fog (difficulty concentrating), headaches

Ongoing muscle aches and joint pains with or without evidence of synovial/joint inflammation. Reactive arthritis is a well-known complication of COVID-19 infection

• Anxiety/or depression

Please ring the Reception Team to request a routine appointment if you wish to discuss the management of any of these symptoms. Please also see links below from organisation who may be able to help.

Your Covid recovery is an NHS website to help you to understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery.

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine has produced guidance for return to work for patients with Long-COVID: please click here

Royal College of Occupational Therapists please click here

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