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Safeguarding Week 22-26 June



Every one of us should be able to feel safe in our homes, schools, places of work and in our communities. We should be able to fulfill our potential, feel confident and thrive.  There are many professionals, who work across different agencies whose job it is to keep us safe.  We are enormously grateful to them all, especially in these difficult times.  However, each of us as citizens also have a responsibility to keep an eye out, to look out for our families, friends, neighbours and those we don’t know in our communities; to report any concerns about abuse to the agencies (999 in an emergency, or 01609 780780, if not in immediate danger) and to work together to keep us all safe from harm or the risk of harm.

By reporting abuse you can bring it to an end. Together, we can stop abuse.

Safeguarding is everybody’s business