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The Way Forward

Across healthcare it has been a challenging year as we have adapted to rapidly changing environments, lived through a pandemic ourselves and refocused our efforts to react to and absorb the emerging pressures; these efforts from Primary Care protected hospitals and allowed them to save lives throughout the waves of COVID.

Now we look to recovering from this and shifting focus to one of our key roles – looking after the long term health of our patients.

There have been times that things that didn’t need our immediate attention, have quite rightly been put on hold. For most people, that meant things like their routine reviews were paused and they kindly accepted that we had to fight our way through the workload that COVID generated.

Now we feel it is the right time to make a whole-practice effort to bring back focus on care for long term conditions.

We are  reviewing how we look after patients with long term conditions.

A structured process will call patients in for their review, and make sure we follow up if people didn’t get one. This will be a more streamlined process of making sure people get the tests and checks they need and a review with a GP or appropriate healthcare professional.

Every person that needs a review will be contacted by the practice, working on month of birth as a set review date unless there are other clinical reasons to be called sooner.

Patients with multiple conditions will be able to combine their appointments – you are one person not a set of diseases and we want to look after you holistically

A set of intuitive and informative pre-appointment review forms will help our clinicians work out what you need from your review. If no further action is necessary, we will advise you of this via a text. If the clinician needs to speak to you we can complete the review remotely or via  a face to face appointment.

Your future follow up will be communicated to you along with personalised management plans for your conditions (where appropriate).

It is a massive task at the busiest time ever in general practice, but we strongly believe we need to get this started and normalise routine care again. We appreciate your support and value your input – it may not be perfect at first but we promise we will adapt to best serve our patients.