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Pharmacy First – New Service allowing local pharmacist’s to help treat minor illnesses and conditions

The new Pharmacy First scheme which launched on Wednesday 31st January 2024 means you can go and see a pharmacist about several minor illnesses and conditions you would previously have had to see your GP about.

You can visit your pharmacist for a consultation and they will treat you and prescribe medication if necessary. If your condition is more serious you will be referred to a GP or hospital.

These are the conditions, and at what age, you can see the pharmacist about:

Earache – 1 to 17 years.

Impetigo – 1 year and over.

Infected insect bites – 1 year and over.

Shingles – 18 years and over.

Sinusitis – 12 years and over.

Sore throat – 5 years and over.

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections – women 16-64 years.

The local pharmacies that are currently signed up to this scheme are:

Boots 28 Market Place Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 1LB Telephone 01845 522110

Tesco, Station Road, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 1PZ  Telephone 0191 693 5908


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