Lambert Medical Centre

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Making an appointment

How can I book an appointment?

You can book in person at reception, by telephone or by using the online booking service. You can express a preference for a male or female doctor or a particular doctor. You may be seen earlier if you are willing to see any doctor.

What kind of appointment do I need?

We have phone appointments to book in advance for all GP’s, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Health Care Assistants. If you need an urgent appointment and there are no appointments available on that day, you will be place on the urgent list and a clinician will call you make that day. The Doctor may be able to help over the phone, issue a prescription for collection, direct you to an appropriate service or ask you to come into surgery for a face to face appointment.

Our Nurse Practitioners are qualified nurse’s who have undertaken advanced additional training and are able to assess, diagnose, treat and refer patients with a wide range of minor illnesses and injuries such as childhood illnesses, coughs, sore throats and earache, Diarrhoea & Vomiting, urine infections, trips, falls and wounds. They can also prescribe medication.

GPs are not able to treat dental problems and patients contacting the surgery with dental problems will be advised to see a dentist

Most appointments are for 10 minutes with either a doctor or a nurse. This allows for one problem to be discussed. Double appointments are available if you have more than one problem to discuss; please ask the receptionist when booking.

Why does the receptionist need to ask what my appointment is regarding?

The reception staff are members of the practice team and they are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the clinican staff. The Receptionists ask about the reason for your appointment to ensure you receive the most appropriate medical care from the most appropriate person within the appropriate timeframe.

Dr Bellas consults for 5 sessions a week

Dr Tyrer consults for 4 sessions a week

Dr Smith consults for 4 sessions a week

Dr Raeburn consults for 5 sessions a week

Dr Burnett consults for 5 sessions a week